Turning a Negative Into a Positive

With COVID 19, I know many of us have been experiencing some very tough times.  We have faced the dangers to our health and our friends and family’s health that have come with the pandemic, and we’ve also experienced the negative economic circumstances that have emerged in our nation and community.

I know one thing that has been tough for me is the social isolation experienced. I miss seeing my friends and family, going to meetings, and participating in person in my networking group. If you had asked me before the pandemic hit if I were more of an extrovert or introvert, I would tell you that I lean to more of the introverted side of the spectrum. But these three months have revealed to me that I am in fact an extrovert, and greatly enjoy and thrive off being around people.

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An Interview with Mary King of MD Weight Loss and Wellness Center

Mary King of MD Weight Loss and Wellness Center

In August of 2019 I joined a newly formed group of local business owners and professionals that is called Community Builders Mastermind Networking Group. I’ll write more about the group in upcoming issues of this newsletter. Through the process of building this group I’ve gotten to know some awesome small business owners and entrepreneurs in our area. One of these people is Mary King, who is a nurse practitioner and part owner with her husband Dr. Dennis King of the newly formed MD Weight Loss and Wellness Center that is located in west Knoxville. 

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The Importance of Professional Photography in Real Estate

There are still real estate agents today that choose to take photos of their client’s home on their own flip phones or cameras. The disservice they are doing to their clients is almost tantamount to what would be considered in other professions, like medicine, a gross malpractice.

Every day I peruse the MLS (Multiple Listing Service- the place where real estate listings are made public) and I am amazed at some of the low-quality poor photographs agents put up online to represent their client’s most valuable asset- their home.

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An Interview With Eddie Mannis

Eddie Mannis is a native Knoxvillian, who grew up in the Inskip community and graduated from Central High School. The founder of Prestige Cleaners, he is heavily involved in giving back to the community through efforts like HonorAir, which takes veterans from Knoxville to Washington, DC to visit their respective war memorials. He recently announced his candidacy for Knoxville city mayor in 2019, and we met for this interview in July at his home in west Knoxville.

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