Go-North Saving Over 8000 Dogs!

Wanted to share a letter I wrote to the community about GoNorth Animal Rescue group from October of 2016:


October 18, 2016- a special letter from Cameron Brooks

Earlier this year I decided that I would merge my real estate business into a higher purpose thing that gives 5% of revenue back to animal rescue organizations and also works with these groups to help advance their mission.

I came across an awesome group in Knoxville earlier this summer called
GoNorth Transport.  This group rescues dogs from public shelters in rural East Tennessee counties and literally transports them up North to where they can find new homes!  Just this year they have rescued over 2,000 East Tennessee dogs from euthanasia, and since 2012 over 8,000! 

Northern states generally have stronger spaying and neutering laws and a culture that promotes spaying and neutering as part of responsible pet ownership.  Unfortunately, in the South our laws and culture concerning spaying and neutering are weaker. As a result, pet overpopulation leads to high euthanasia rates, especially in rural counties that don’t have many resources.

On October 5th I witnessed a transport meet-up, and it was an amazing and moving thing.  Around 7pm I went to the Outback on Merchants Road, which is the meet-up place where the transport vehicle leaves to head North.  That night 26 dogs were on the transport, dogs who otherwise would likely be euthanized, to head North to their new homes.  These sweet animals had nothing wrong with them- they were just products of a pet overpopulation problem we have here in East Tennessee.

Some of the dogs rescued 10/5/2016, heading North to new homes!


Each week GoNorth has two transports that take dogs to Northern shelters.  New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin are some of the states these animals go to, and at these destination shelters we find adequately financed vet clinics along with dog training in areas of behavior modification and obedience.  Generally, once the Southern dogs enter this system they find homes within a week or two.

GoNorth Transport is a project of the Peaceful Kingdom, a Knoxville based 501c3 that in addition to running GoNorth also publishes Critter Magazine.

As we enter the final quarter of the year and you are considering charitable giving to various groups, please join me in making a tax deductible donation to Peaceful Kingdom, which is the 501c3 that operates GoNorth Transport.  For more information on their work, check out their website at https://gonorthtransport.org .  Also if you have any questions give me a call at 865-387-4408 or email at [email protected] .

I’ve enclosed a donation form along with an envelope where you can send a check. For as little as $27 you can help fund an East Tennessee shelter dog’s chance at a new life.  Regardless, any donation is greatly appreciated. (Online donations can be made at http://www.peacefulkingdom.org/)

Thanks for your consideration and support.

Your friend,

Cameron Brooks

Some of the dogs rescued by GoNorth on 10/5/2016

Author and Publisher of Cameron Brooks News and Views and Affiliate Broker with Realty Executives Associates. Call or text me at 865-387-4408 or email at [email protected].

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