New Goal- $10,000 in Donations, Making a Real Impact!

I am much more than a real estate agent.  The same could be said of all of you that have different professions- lawyer, librarian, sales clerk, teacher, priest, factory worker, etc….

And in that vein operating a real estate business, I wanted it to be about much more than typical real estate stuff….

Last year I became inspired to use my real estate business as a mechanism to raise money for animal rescue groups in our area.  My beloved companions that I’ve rescued over the years, along with hearing the stories of the important work animal rescue groups do, gave me the inspirations to make my business something more than just a profit center but also a philanthropic center.

In a little over 12 months Knoxville Homes with Cameron Brooks has donated over $4,000 dollars to local animal rescue groups…. How we do this is by dedicating 5% of profits to going to support groups that help animal welfare in the greater Knoxville area.

Now my thinking is centered more and more by going big or go home!

As a next benchmark, we are setting the goal starting today of raising an additional $10,000 to support these groups.  We’ll do this by continuing our commitment of 5% donated towards this mission- and in each newsletter update the progress using a “thermometer.”

Do you have a favorite animal rescue group you’d like me to support?  Email me at [email protected]

How you can help–  Let your friends know about our mission and consider using my business for any of their real estate needs.  I hate begging for business from friends and family members, but I figured that this is a higher purpose- your people get someone who is a protector of them during the real estate process, not concerned about their own self interest and the “all mighty” commission check but about your own protection and bottom line…..  and also they are supporting a business that has a higher purpose and conscience about supporting an often over-looked segment in our community.

Now for those of you who have other charities and causes you support outside of animal rescue- I hear you and I do too.  In time I plan on expanding our charitable mission to not only include animal rescue but other groups.

For now, help us reach the $10,000 goal.

Love y’all and your friendship!

Author and Publisher of Cameron Brooks News and Views and Affiliate Broker with Realty Executives Associates. Call or text me at 865-387-4408 or email at [email protected].

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