The Haney House- Beautiful Mountaintop Retreat In Knox County

The Haney House

Dan and Linda Haney are originally from Miami, Florida, and as avid motorcycle fans they would come to Knoxville for different conventions. They began to fall in love with the area for a variety of reasons- one it was a great area to drive their motorcycle.

At one of the motorcycle conventions they connected with a vendor who sold safety glasses to motorcyclists. They got an exclusive rights deal to sell the glasses, and that was when they officially decided to move to Knoxville.

At the conventions and motorcycle rallies they would sell the safety classes. And according to Linda, 75 percent of all motorcyclists area East of the Mississippi, and Knoxville was a good hub for them to work this business. Plus the cost of living was extremely affordable, and they could afford the land that they wanted to build their dream home on.

They eventually moved here in 1993, the year of the infamous snow storm that struck our area.  The original 21 acres they purchased had a house on it that they lived in and renovated. In 1997 they officially began building their dream home. The first part of the building process was the construction of a large barn/ workshop that is over 2000 square feet, with concrete floor, and is large enough to hold an RV or a bus, along with a large, insulated workshop. For anyone looking to have a beautiful custom-built home that has space big enough for a small business, this is a perfect attribute to the property.

The construction of the house, which is located at the top of the property, officially began in 1998.  After two years of hard work, the house was completed in 2000. Upon completion they sold the original house on the property, which they had renovated, and three acres with it.

The land that the house sits on at the top is a quarter of a mile long and an eighth of a mild wide.

The Haney house is truly a mountain retreat, sitting on 18 acres in Powell yet close to many amenities in the growing North Knox area and not a long drive from downtown Knoxville. With over 2500 square feet of living space on three levels, the home has 2 bedrooms and the possibility of a third, with three full baths and a large open concept living area and study.

The house is located at 2929 Long Hollow Road. When travelling to the house, you pull off Long Hollow and begin the ascent up the side of the mountain on the concrete driveway that Dan and Linda laid with over 180 yards of concrete.  The original road was described as “crush and run- something that needed continual repairing. After heavy rains many times most of the road would be washed away. It was an easy, but expensive and correct decision Dan and Linda made to do the concrete road to the top of the property. The process started in August and wasn’t completed until November. Dan describes the concrete as being anywhere from 4 to 6 inches thick.

As your drive to the top of the property, you get the sense that you are easing into a peaceful setting, away from the hustle and bustle that Knoxville is, yet you are very close to all the new development happening in North Knox county as well as close to the Tennova hospital. The ascent reminded me of when I was a young kid driving to the top of Roan mountain, with all the beautiful wildlife and vegetation.


The house has the look of a log cabin on the outside, but the siding is actually inch and a quarter thick white pine that was treated and cut into tongue and groove so it fit together.

Upon entering the home you will be in awe of the beautiful vaulted ceilings in the huge open concept living area on the main floor that is adjacent to the large covered porch and huge deck that overlooks part of the property.

The house is better than well built. Dan describes it as a fortress that they “overbuilt.” They laid extensive footers that would last an incredibly long time with extensive amounts of steel in them that circles the entire foundation. Additionally, the house has a very impressive drainage system that ensures that water would never get into the basement or any part of the house.

Energy efficiency is another characteristic of the house, with it being very well insulated. The heat source is propane, and the Haney’s purchase approximately 400 gallons of propane a year, which they don’t use all of. – it is located in a 500 gallon propane tank that is located underground.

While most houses have 2 by 4 framing, the Haney house has 2 by 6 framing, made of spruce wood.

The roof system is made of precision pine and is also meticulously insulated. A crane was required to come in to set it all. The roof is peaked so all the heat goes to the top, and a cold register was placed on the top that recycles the air into the furnace and is sent throughout the house.

Another aspect of the superior quality of the house’s craftsmanship is the floors. Dan explained to me how he didn’t like how a lot of floors would sag when you walk across them. To remedy this from happening at the Haney house they built a floor foundation that has two layers of 3 quarter inch tongue and groove plywood- not press wood but plywood. And then on top of that it has three quarters of an inch of finished wood on top of that.  This ensures that you don’t have the sag when walking across. The hardwood floors are made of solid white oak.

One interesting aspect of the house is the big chain that holds part of the third floor master suite to the ceiling. They installed the chain because they didn’t want a column that would be more intrusive and would actually cut into some of the garage space on the lower level. The chain was actually re-salvaged from another property, and it took three people to remove it from there because of its weight.

What the Haneys most like about the house is the seclusion, the natural setting, and how quiet it is. Also the variety of animals one sees- they’ve seen deer, goats, turkeys, and foxes. On the property which is largely wooded are many walking trails that would appeal to any nature enthusiast. And because the property is largely wooded, it ensures that one doesn’t have to do much lawn work, outside of trimming the road on the way up to the house.

The Haneys are selling this wonderful property because they feel it is the right time for them to downsize to something smaller.

Linda explains, “It was a long journey the building of our dream house.. And it was a lot of really hard work. We have a whole file on everything we put in the house. Pictures of the different steps and what we were doing. It’s been a fun house and I like living it. But it’s time for us to move to something smaller for our age. Change is inevitable in life and we are looking forward to the future.”

Check out the video associated with the property HERE. 

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