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The 125 Million Dollar Football Philanthropist

For those that don’t know, I’m a huge Oakland Raiders fan.  Folks often ask me how I came to follow a team on the opposite side of the country. The origins of that come from my Aunt Shelia, who lives in San Leandro, (a town right next to Oakland) and ran a successful small business
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New Goal- $10,000 in Donations, Making a Real Impact!

I am much more than a real estate agent.  The same could be said of all of you that have different professions- lawyer, librarian, sales clerk, teacher, priest, factory worker, etc…. And in that vein operating a real estate business, I wanted it to be about much more than typical real estate stuff…. Last year
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Supporting Belly Rubs Basset Rescue!

Knoxville Homes with Cameron Brooks Supports Belly Rubs Basset Rescue
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Fraudulent Behavior and Unethical Scams in Real Estate

Don’t fall victim to these ploys and swindles! Please trust that I am not writing this to be unnecessarily provocative or to scare folks. My intent is to shine some light on three widely executed scams in real estate occurring today in our area, with the goal of helping you avoid falling victim to them.
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Being Happy With Who You Are- My Struggles with Weight and Body Issues

The social pressures that exist in our society around body image seem to be more aimed at women.  For instance, through advertising, magazines, tv, etc., the ideal female body image marketed to the masses has undoubtedly put destructive, negative social pressures on women to look or strive to look a certain way.
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Go-North Saving Over 8000 Dogs!

Wanted to share a letter I wrote to the community about GoNorth Animal Rescue group from October of 2016: OVER 8000 EAST TN SHELTER DOGS HAVE BEEN SAVED BY LOCAL RESCUE GROUP- AND HOW YOU CAN HELP….
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The Origins of Why I Love Dogs

My passion for dogs and animal rescue can be rooted in the friendship I had with my first dog named Berkeley.
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My Nightmare in First Time Homebuying, Circa 2004- Or in other words, an industry that needs policing and ethics

The year was 2004, I was 26 years old and  newly employed in a job that paid well enough that allowed me to save money to buy my first home.  It had been a long term goal/ dream of mine to purchase a home, and at the ripe age of 26 I set out to
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Welcome to Cameron Brooks News and Views!

Thank you for visiting my site.  My goal is to provide informative and thought provoking articles and content written by me with my take on all things related to life, Knoxville, dogs, and real estate.
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