An Interview with Mary King of MD Weight Loss and Wellness Center

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Mary King of MD Weight Loss and Wellness Center

In August of 2019 I joined a newly formed group of local business owners and professionals that is called Community Builders Mastermind Networking Group. I’ll write more about the group in upcoming issues of this newsletter. Through the process of building this group I’ve gotten to know some awesome small business owners and entrepreneurs in our area. One of these people is Mary King, who is a nurse practitioner and part owner with her husband Dr. Dennis King of the newly formed MD Weight Loss and Wellness Center that is located in west Knoxville. 

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Report Back from Family Pet Portrait Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes

On May 5th, 2019 Gary Sturm of Mortgage Investors Group and I hosted Family Pet Portrait Day, which was an event where families could bring their pets and get their photo taken professionally for free. We held the event at Prestige Tuxedo in Bearden- much thanks to Prestige owner Eddie Mannis for opening up his business for this event.

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The 125 Million Dollar Football Philanthropist

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Derek Carr and his family

For those that don’t know, I’m a huge Oakland Raiders fan.  Folks often ask me how I came to follow a team on the opposite side of the country. The origins of that come from my Aunt Shelia, who lives in San Leandro, (a town right next to Oakland) and ran a successful small business in Oakland for a few decades prior to beginning a career in public service.

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